Our history

Our company was founded back in 1954 by Renato Groppini with the collaboration of his wife Assunta Agazzi. Minuterie Groppini consolidated its operations over the years and in 2009 expanded under the management of their nephew Stefano.
Based on its initial projects, the company strove to introduce innovation: new production and control methods were adopted to guarantee superior quality products at excellent prices to its customers.

We have tripled our human resources since 2009, and are always on the lookout for individuals with strategic professional strengths. In the last two years alone four new lathes have been introduced: two Star SR-32J lathes, one Citizen A20 lathe, and one Star SB-12R lathe, with a total fleet of machinery consisting of 16 different lathes.
This ongoing innovation led to the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification.

In 2019 an investment plan was launched aimed at interconnecting the entire enterprise based on the smart “Industry 4.0” concept.

Our next objective is to refurbish and expand the production facility to a roofed area of 1,500 sqm.

The company focuses on continuous technological innovation and improvement which can strengthen both the quality and production areas. Our goal is to satisfy customer standards providing an excellent quality/price ratio.

Reliability, professionalism and accuracy are the key values on which our daily work is based.